Reservation and Waiver Software Pricing


The entire suite of Vantora software is just $50 a month.
But don’t pay us now!

We are so sure you are going to love this Reservation and Waiver Software, that we are willing to set you up for FREE!! There are no set up fees and no charge for tech support to help you get going. Then after a 90 day free trial, you decide which elements of the software you want to use. And there are no long term contracts to sign. All our pricing is based on Month to Month payments. If at any time you don’t want to use it anymore – just stop. That’s all there is to it!

There are 4 main elements in the Vantora Suite


All 4 are included!

Digital Waivers, Reservations, Promo Emails & POS

Unlike most packages out there, Vantora does not have a per use charge. Many waiver companies charge 10 cents per waiver, or $1.00 per reservation on top of a monthly fee. Or they will have a fee of $49 if you use up to 1000 waivers a month, and $89 if you use up to 2500, etc. Then starting costs for reservations systems can be upwards of $100 a month.

And most systems have a set up fee, and a monthly support fee on top of their pricing! Not Vantora. No setup fee and no charge tech support. And unlimited use.

The other trick a lot of services try is to force you to use their credit card processing, where they have marked up percentages so they are trimming profit off of every dollar you bring in! Many talk about low 1.5% credit card fees, etc., but take a close look at the statements, and you’ll see it actually ends up much higher with the added charges.

Vantora gives you the freedom to use whoever you want, with an easy PayPal interface, or by using

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