Online Bookings, Waivers, Marketing & POS
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Save time and money
Streamline your operations

Save the costs and learning curves of four different software packages. Vantora will take your reservations, prompt for waivers, handle follow up, promo and birthday emails, provide on-line gift certificates and be your POS, all at the same time. No need to pay for four or five different packages when the entire suite of products is yours for just $80 a month.

Grab customers - don't let them get away

The simple booking process will mean less calls, fewer abandoned carts and happier customers.

With the click of a mouse, they transform from shoppers to customers. Online bookings are a simple way to close the deal with a strong call to action (CTA).


Waiver data at your finger tips

Customers fill out waivers on the computer, their mobile device or at your kiosk. Waivers automatically integrate with the reservations, speeding up the check-in process. Unlimited waivers can be searched, checked in, stored in the cloud and exported with no per-waiver fees.

Maximize revenue by reaching out to your customers at the right time.

The reason to gather data is to utilize it, and Vantora helps you do just that.

bookings on desktop computer Follow Up Thank You Emails
Paintball waivers are filled out on a tablet Birthday Promo Emails
waivers on phone Blast Marketing Emails

Promo Email Marketing

Supported in all formats

bookings on desktop computer Desktop
Paintball waivers are filled out on a tablet Tablet
waivers on phone Phone

Customers can complete reservations and waivers right on their computer, tablet or phone.