Asking Questions is the Key

You need to Ask

Sales qualification is a game of questions. Unless you ask the right questions, you won’t uncover the right needs. Unless you ask the right questions, you won’t understand the right problems to solve.

This is a very common question: “Can you tell me about your parties?”

How do you respond? Do you start listing off all the options? “We have a Nerf Party option for 4-7 year olds, and there is a bronze, silver and gold variation of that package, and we also do bachelor parties, which is paintball only and we only do those on days we are not open to the public, and there are the corporate team building parties and…..”

Your customers eyes have already glazed over!

You may have offered a lot of options that are not applicable to that customer. Instead, try:
“How many guests will you have?”
“What day do you want to have your event?”
“What time is best for you?”

By starting all calls with a few simple questions, you can quickly narrow down the options for your customer saving you both a lot of time!

Vantora Asks Questions

Understanding this basic sales technique points out a fundamental difference between Vantora and a lot of the other booking packages out there. Other packages have you choose a package, then pick a day, then put in the number of guests, only to find out that package is not available on that day, or for that many guests. WHAT?!?!?

This makes for a bad customer experience that can have them leaving the site and looking for a more intuitive booking solution.

With Vantora, the first thing we do is determine the number of guests. No sense in showing the corporate group events for 30 if they are trying to book in 4 guests

Which Day? Time?

Just like a courteous and friendly phone representative, Vantora will ask the proper questions in order to help your customer make the booking decisions in a logical sequence.

In this way, the customer can make informed decisions based on what options you have for them.

It’s a subtle difference, but one that has been tried and true in the industry for years. If you want to book airline tickets, the first thing you are asked is the number of people. Why show planes that are sold out? Likewise, why show customer packages or dates and times that are sold out? Another reason why Vantora is the leader in Entertainment Booking software.