Birthday Emails

birthdayinvitesOne of the most powerful marketing aspects of the Vantora System is the Birthday Promotion Email module. Facilities that are geared toward birthday parties can rapidly build a large database of peoples date of birth, along with their parents email address. This is marketing gold!

Personalized emails go out to the parent 30 days (more or less… you decide) before their child’s birthday. What parent would not open an email that says, “Billy Johnson Paintball Birthday Party!”, if their child is Billy Johnson!

Perhaps you just want to wish them a happy birthday and hope they will come out. Maybe you want to give them a discount. A freebie. You choose any type of promotion you want, type it up and activate the promotion. Then every night at midnight, Vantora will automatically send our all the invites for you. Nothing for you to do but sit back and reap the benefits from additional bookings!

There is no charge for these outgoing emails which are included in the basic pricing for the Vantora system.

GatSplat, using the email to the right, has increased the number of birthday party bookings by 17% over a 2 year period.