Confirmation and Reminder Emails

Confirmation Email

Customers receive a confirmation email as soon as they finish their registration. The email lists all their applicable information; date, time, number of guests, contact info, etc. It also provides a link to the customer that can be forwarded so their guests can do their online waivers.

Note: If you or your customers have a problem receiving emails, it is probably due to Yahoo and Gmail filters trying to stop phishing. Check out our article on email spoofing, and let us know if you want a Vantora email set up for your business.

A copy of the email is simultaneously sent to the admin email account.
(You can change settings on “email spoofing” and have a Vantora email address. Learn More about email spoofing.

Reminder Email

The reminder email is a powerful tool in the Vantora arsenal. Not only is this reminder a great way to assure that guests don’t forget about their upcoming reservation, it also gives the host a complete list of all the guests who have successfully completed a waiver for the event. It reminds them to contact any individuals not on the list to assure they complete an online waiver before the event.

Customize all outgoing emails

It is easy to customize outgoing emails. The main part of the email is already done for you, so you don’t have to be an html expert. If you want to add some blurbs to your email however, it’s easy!

You can even choose if you want the blurb added to the top or the bottom of the email.

Maybe you want to forward additional info on upcoming events, or information on pizza places that deliver or maybe reminders on what to wear. Simply create a blurb using the WYSISYG editor, or do it in pure html to customize your outgoing emails as much as you want.

Packages can have their own email comments

Maybe you have a Nerf Package, and want to send a note saying you only use standard Nerf darts, so don’t bring your own ammo. No problem! Maybe for your scenario package you want to add a note that says bring bug spray. Any package has a place for custom comments in the confirmation and reminder emails!

Click here to open YouTube video on package email blurbs