Demo the Booking, Waiver and Promo Software

Get a demo of our Booking Software

The Vantora Software system is easy to use. You can see from the videos on this site, that it just takes a few clicks and you can be up and running. By using desk top sharing software, we allow you to watch a full interactive demo of the front and back end of the software.

We use GoToMeeting so you can view our desktop. If using a PC, you can download from the link in the image for GoToMeeting. This is easy to use for any device, even tablets, iphones, ipads, etc. If required GotoMeeting will prompt you to download an app for your mobile device.

If you do this in advance, you can make sure you get the software installed, then you simply log into the Vantora room and you will see so we can show you how it all works!

Set up an appointment to see the demo, and we’ll meet you on line!

Meeting Room: Vantora Or if you are already set up with Goto Meeing, when it’s time for your meeting, you can go directly to

Multiple Participants with Audio Options

If you have speakers and microphone on your computer, we can use the audio through the VOIP on GotoMeeting to talk that way, or we can call you up if you would prefer. Either way, you can have multiple people participate in the meeting at the same time, from different locations, so if you want an owner, a few managers, etc all to see the demo at once, they can all simply log in at the same time. If using the computer audio, it is normally best for people to leave their microphones muted unless they need to talk to keep the back ground noise to a minimum.

We would love to take a half hour of your time

The Vantora system is very full featured, but in a half hour, we can give you a fly over to show you all the main components. Then if you like what you see, we can grab info from your web page and have you up and running, ready to take bookings and waivers within a few hours!

So don’t delay. Give us a call today!

If you own a business that would like to take online reservations and online waivers, you should take the time to get a demo and compare our product and pricing with the other options available.

Monday – Friday 10am – 3pm central time (972) 804-9145

Or you can email us at and provide your contact info and the best time and method to contact you and we will call you!

Vantora Booking Software