Custom Waiver Data Fields


The Vantora system has your most used fields already available for you. Address, city, state, zip (or postal code), email, phone, parents DOB, are easily chosen by selecting shown, and or required. When filling out the waiver, required fields will be shown in red if the customer leaves them blank.

You can add as many custom fields to the waiver as you want. These can show up on the General waiver or for each person. For example, a “Where did you hear about us?” option drop down might be chosen as a General Waiver field, appearing once, to the person filling out the waiver. But in the case of a Parent filling out a waiver for three children, a field like “Do you want to rent coveralls?” might be more appropriate for each person on the waiver.

Admin only fields can be created as well for items such as Banned individuals, VIP customers, etc.

Any of the custom fields can be set as fill-in text box or drop-down options. Custom field data is included in any of the waiver data exports as well.

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