Customize your emails & pages

Customization of emails

Emails are easily customized with text and graphics. The example to the right informs customers about a local pizza place. The customization can be put at the top or the bottom of the email to include notices of upcoming events or special instructions.

You also have the ability to send package-specific notes in the confirmation email. For example, if you have a Nerf Package, you could include a note telling your customer what Nerf equipment is allowed, or if you have an axe throwing package, you could include a note on what shoes to wear, etc.

Customize your outgoing emails

Customization of Packages

You can create long descriptions for your packages to give any additional information you wish. Using an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor, you can change font size, color, etc.

Additionally, you can modify a custom CSS file for packages and change the look to whatever you want.