All About Links

Guide for adding Variables to Links.

Standard link:

To use variables add default.asp to the end of your standard link:

Adding direct links

To run a direct link to a Package, go to Settings –>Registration –> Packages

Click on the Direct Link at the far right of the package you want, and it will open a new tab for the registration for that package. If you look at the browser bar URL, you will see a link like:

Note: After the page populates, it may add a  #/ to the end of the URL:

You can remove the #/ from the link you are going to create.

Link to a Package on a Particular Day

To run a direct link to a Package on a Particular Day, go to Setting –> Registration –> Available Dates.
Mouse over the day of the event, then for each package listed on that day, you will see there is a Direct Link option. Click on it and you will see something like:

Basically, the same as the other link, but typically with a larger number. This is very useful for something like a Scenario game where you only have that package available for 1 day. It can also be used for classes, clinics, tournaments, etc.

Force a Quantity into a Package

You may have a situation where you want to make your package the thing that is booked – not the number of players. Or a package like a 3-man tournament, and you want to force them to book 3. This is easy to do by adding a &qty= variable to the link. Let’s take an example of wanting a package on a particular day with just one person. Take the direct link, make sure you remove the #/ from the end of it, and then add &qty=1 so it would look like:

That will open up the page and ask for the email only, skipping the quantity and forcing it to 1.

Add Referral Tracking

You can create a referral tracking link and add it to any link with ref= plus a variable. For example, let’s assume you are running your scenario game, and you want to put a direct link to it on a Facebook post. You want to see how well that post or ad is doing. You create any variable you want, let’s choose FB3 as perhaps this is your third Facebook ad, and you simply add the &ref=FB3 to the link after removing the #/ so your link would look like

You will be able to check any reservation by clicking on the square yellow contact info button and see the Referral, where you find their phone number, email, and IP address. It will also show up in the referral reports.

Add referral links to bookings and reservations

Proper Usage of Variables

Variables must be placed after the default.asp at the end of a link. If you are running a standard link such as:

and you want to add a referral code, you must add the default.asp? and skip the &, such as:

Following the default.asp, you have to put a ? then the first code, then if using multiples, you add them with & and the next, the order does not matter. As an example:

A link to a direct package with a set quantity of 5, and showing a referral from your 5th email might be:

You could also swap the variable placement to be: