Email Marketing Overview

A Three Pronged Email System

The most effective marketing is still direct email marketing. Especially when it is to your existing customer base. The Vantora System leverages three different email marketing systems that directly lead to increased sales and improved customer communication.


The Vantora system has multiple email systems built into it. All customers completing a reservation will receive a confirmation email. Additionally, reminder emails will be sent for all reservations. Customers doing waivers can request emails be sent to them with their waiver.

One of the most powerful marketing tools of the system is the promotions email module that will automatically send a customized email to every customer a set number of days before their birthday. Knowing this email goes to the parent or guardian, it can be a great promotion to suggest a birthday party at your facility.

It is also possible to do blast emails and filter the individuals that receive it based on age, number of times they have been to your facility, when they were there last and more.

To assure more emails get through, each account will have a Vantora email account set up for a seamless integrated forwarding system. Learn more by watching the video below.

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