Larry Dague on the cover of UPS Magazine

Larry Dague expressed that it  was a real honor to be featured on the cover of ups magazine.  When his shop ScubaToys became one of the largest scuba shops in the world, he explained in an interview in Fortune Small business, that even though they were hundreds of miles from the ocean, a web page and the ability to have a brown truck back up to the door was all they needed!

Ups loved that, and wanted to feature Larry Dague and his dive shop.  The picture on the cover was actually shot in the pool at the ScubaToys location.  The photographer asked Larry to jump into the pool so there would be a cloud of bubbles all around him.  Time after time Larry would get out of the pool, stand at the side, then jump in.  Each time the photographer would try to get the shot… to no avail.

After Larry had climbed out and jumped in about a dozen times, he looked at the photographer and said, “You want bubbles??  I own a dive shop.  I’ll give you bubbles!”

With that Larry Dague grabbed 3 scuba tanks and some weight belts, and sunk them to the bottom of the deep end.  He then cracked the valves open on them and positioned him self in the bubble stream, and the very next shot was the keeper!