Videos for Booking Packages


Overall view of Admin Screen

We put this video first. The ones below are for getting your system configured, but to learn the day to day usage of the system, we wanted to make a video that you can learn the ins and outs of utilizing the options, and can also be used as a training video for staff.

You may choose to watch this video before or after you do your setups.

Admin Daily Usage

Creating Packages

Custom emails for each package

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Putting Packages on the Calendar

Short Description for Packages

Promo Email and Bounces

Setting up Payments 1

Setting up Payments 2

Direct Links to an Event

Add-Ons for Packages

Adding a Booking Fee

Preset the time of an event

Updated Equipment Limit Features

Deleting Reservations

Edit Reservations in Admin View

Changing Package Times and Dates