pricing - an easy flat monthly fee
> No commissions on bookings
> No per waiver fee
> no contracts or set-up fees.

$80 a month flat fee booking software

Our pricing structure is simple. Just $80 a month for unlimited use of our online booking and online waiver solution. Pay as you go, no contracts, and no setup fees. We will even set you up and give you the first month free so you can test drive it with no obligation. We will not ask for any payment info from you. If you like it after the first month, you pay a low monthly fee of $80 for the entire suite of tools.

No Hidden Fees

Free Setup

bookings on desktop computer No Set Up Fees
We will create your booking site for you, including logo, packages, copying over your waiver, and even uploading existing electronic signatures if you already have a database of users. All at no charge.
Paintball waivers are filled out on a tablet No Contracts
If at any time you want to stop using Vantora – you simply stop. We want you to stay because you love it – not because you are tied into a long-term contract.
waivers on phone No Commissions
Be wary of systems that tell you their booking system is free, but they add a $5.00 fee to each reservation! Add that up for the year, and see how much you are really paying in commissions! With Vantora – there are No Hidden Fees!

No hidden fees on booking software

Easy to do waivers on phones, tablet or PC.

Unlimited Waivers - no per waiver fee

A lot of the other packages charge you a fee per waiver. Fifteen cents a liability waivers sound cheap until you figure that even with only 125 waivers a week, their waiver system alone costs more than the entire Vantora System with Bookings, Waivers, Promo Emails, and POS all together!

We have no per waiver fees, no secure storage fees, or no download fees. You can have your customers as many waivers as you need, and there are no additional costs.

Be wary of the scam!

When we say our first month is free, we mean it. When we say the setup is free, again, we mean it. But many software companies out there say their entire package is free! We all know that a company cannot run their business if their product or service is free, so what’s the catch?

If you added up their costs, set up fees, per unit fees… you would be spending thousands a year more than Vantora

Is Free Free?

Web page design

We also offer full web page design

If you are need of a website or you are not happy with your current website, Vantora also offers complete turn-key web design for Family Entertainment Centers. Paintball Fields, Laser Tag, Air Soft, Axe Throwing and various other businesses. 

If you would like Vantora to handle all your web design, hosting, security and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we have a flat fee of $245 a month. Add online booking and online waivers with Vantora embedded on your site for only $80 more! There is absolutely no contract or set up fee for any of our services.

Compare booking software

Why Choose Vantora? Compare apples to oranges!

What makes us stand apart? Vantora offers the main elements you need to run your business, all for a fraction of the cost of “the other guys.”

Additionally, we are in the paintball and axe throwing business! We have a unique perspective as our software was created specifically for the needs of a business like yours.

Look at the competition and you probably won’t even find pricing on their web sites – because if you added up their costs, commissions, set up fees, per unit fees… you would be spending thousands a year more than Vantora. So, instead of telling you a price – they try to get you to call and talk to their commissioned sales people.

Check out all the others, then give us a call and schedule a demo and compare. You’ll be glad you did.