Reservation Software for your business

Intuitive Reservations

The customer simply puts in the number of people they want to book, then all the available options are presented to them in a compact calendar format. They simply click on any day that is highlighted, then the customer sees all the available booking times for that package.

Reservations online for Paintball, Laser tag, nerf, FEC
Control how many people can book in your facility

Intuitive Reservations

Easily set up how many packages you want to offer, the minimum and maximum participants in any group, how many groups at the facility at any given time and much more.

Giving your Customer Freedom Gives you Freedom!

Allowing customers the ability to book any time of the day or night, on any device can greatly increase a companies bottom line.

Today, the busy mom trying to plan a birthday party for her son or daughter, or the busy executive trying to organize a team building event does not have enough time in the day. Many of the people responsible for trying to book reservations for an event are not available when you have staff to answer the phone.

You have a thousand items on your plate, so why stop to answer the phone when the customers would rather just go on line anyway? Online bookings are a time saving for both you and your customers.

A professional feel for your business

If you are booking a flight to Hawaii, or a motel, or reserving a car, or even diner, all of these businesses have on line reservation software systems. Complete with easy to use calendars, and email confirmation. Your Reservations should share the same professional service and image.

The Vantora system uses an intuitive user interface to make it easy for customers to make reservations. Using custom parameters, the system will control booking based on your facilities capacity with settings for number of participants at any given time, unlimited packages, min and max number in any given package and more.

Having a true Call to Action that lets your customer book will bring in more customers, and free up your staff from answering phones to take reservations.