Training Videos For Using Vantora

We have divided the Training Videos into 6 sections

As it’s an integrated system, you will see over lap between the sections, such as waiver data is used to create promo emails, or reservations or waivers can be used to create POS invoices, but we have tried to break it into sections so you can more easily find the information you are looking for.

The videos range in length from just a few minutes to 25 minutes in length depending on the complexity of the topics covered. As our software is continuously evolving, videos may not contain all the latest features, but we will be updating them periodically to keep your up to date on the most recent changes.

Basic Setup

Located off the Settings –> General menu option, this is where you set basic info like the name of your business, your web page, address, etc.

It also has the spots to put in your preferred method of collecting payments as well as our billing info for Vantora.

Registration Videos

As our system has grown, this section has become much more robust, and because of that, slightly more complex to set up. With many custom variables to set, we have broken the registration section into multiple videos.