home_1Instead of boxes of paper waivers stacked in boxes on a shelf, a digital waiver system gives you instant access to anyone’s waiver data. Search by first name, last name, or date of birth and pull up any waiver with a few clicks of your mouse.

Customer waivers are tied directly to reservations, so any group can be pulled up with all associated waivers for seamless rapid check ins.

Customer check in allows tracking of how often a customer visits your facility. Custom fields allow you to ask other marketing questions during your waiver process: “How did you hear about us?” “What are your other hobbies?” “How many times do you play paintball each year?”

Multiple ways for the customer to complete waivers:

  • On line in advance
  • At location with Kiosk Mode
  • On Smart Phones
  • Using the Vantora App
  • Paper waivers can be added

All of the data is captured and backed up in the cloud allowing you access any time and anywhere and can be exported into Spread Sheets.