Email Spoofing

Dealing with emails can be a real problem, as different email hosts change their rules all the time. To make things easy for our customers, we had a “email spoof” set up on your reservation emails. Let me explain.

When someone does a reservation, our system sends out an email as a confirmation. It also sends a copy to the field at the address set in the admin email settings area. To make it easy for responses, we spoof the email address going to the customer. It says that it came from your email – when in fact it came from the Vantora email server. That way, if the customer hits “reply” to the email to ask an addition question, it comes to you.

We also spoof the one that comes to the field, showing it in fact came from the customer. Then if in their user notes they asked a question, like; “Can we bring pizza??” You can just hit replay and it go straight back to the customer.

But there is a problem!

Recently, some of the email providers, like yahoo, and tightening up their rules to try to stop “phishing”. Some dishonest folks on the web will make an email that looks like it comes from your credit card provider, then send an email saying you need to log in to your credit card account to check recent activity. They include a link in the email that is close to your credit card company – but not the same…. with a fake login screen so you put in your credit card number and password. Then they might ask for other data to “prove you are who you say you are”, mothers maiden name, ss number, etc.

In order to try to prevent these types of phishing frauds, some email servers will automatically stop any email where the “from” on the address does not match the header data on where it actually originated. Thus the problem! If someone has a Yahoo address as an example, yahoo might stop the confirmation email, because they see an incoming email that says it’s from, but the header says it’s from Vantora email servers.

The Solution

There is a multi-step solution to this problem.

One is making sure the field gets their copy. If you go into your Admin –> Settings –> Email Settings –> Confirmation you will see there is an option for having your email showing it is coming from the customers email. By default, we have this checked… as that’s how it’s been. If you uncheck that box, your confirmation emails will now come from So, do not hit reply to talk to the customer, instead get their email from the admin screen to email them.

The other half of the equation is making sure the Vantora confirmation (and reminder) emails make it to the customer. To help that, you will need a Vantora email account. We will set that up for you free of charge. You just have to contact us and let us know you want it. then what we will do is set up a Vantora account with Obviously if we have more than one field with the same name, they may need to adjust… For example, if there are two Bobs Paintball – one may be and the next one will have to be This really won’t matter much, and will only be on vantora. So then, we will set up an auto forward from that email to your present email.

Let’s look at an example:

I have an email of So we create a new one called and that gets and auto forwarded to with all spam filtering turned off, and auto delete upon forward. So, a reservation is made, and the customer sees it came from “” which the filters are happy with. They hit return and ask a question about bringing their pizza… Their message goes to and as soon as it hits, it gets forwarded to; coming from and then is instantly deleted from the Vantora email server. So everyone gets the email they need, and the spam and phishing filters are happy.

If you would like us to set up a Vantora email address for you, just contact us, and we will get it set up for you.